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 xo Mihoby

 & a note from our founder


xo Mihoby is a collaboration born out of my love for artisanal handiwork and design.  As long as I can remember, I've always insisted on imbuing my clothes, jewelry, furniture - space with a particular imprint.  It’s not so much that I don't want to have things that other people have, it's more so that I want to experience things and life the way that I see them in my mind and feel them in my soul.


The experience represents to me, a certain freedom; a freedom of choice.  For example, instead of choosing a plain white shirt, I'd want half of the shirt to be white with one patchwork pocket; while the other half of the shirt would be all patchwork.  There’s something about this process of choice in assemblage that is so liberating.  That somehow out of the ordinary, there is a possibility for the extra-ordinary.


It’s the potential within this creative process that ignites a spark in all that I do: be it to cook, dance, sing, dress, write, speak, curate, design, market, manage - and live!  So it is with this intention, coupled with decades of world travel and living in New York City, that I bring to you a humble collection of objects that inspired within me: a vision.

Zava Misy   a.k.a  What We Have

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