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Nov. 2020

Mad Mémoires: Patrick Andy

Join us as we interview world-traveled bassist Patrick Andy.
DATE: Nov. 30th
DATE: noon EST

Click to enjoy Patrick's music

Mad Mémoires: Razia Said

Join us as we interview singer, song-writer and
environmentalist Razia Said.
DATE: Nov. 15th
TIME: noon EST

Click any link to enjoy Razia's Music 

Sept. 2020


The Year of Return: Retracing the Malagasy Maafa

This trip of a lifetime will be led by Dr. Balzac, a Malagasy University Professor, and facilitated by Madagascar Experience founder Mihoby.  This journey that spreads across 6 towns and 2100 km, will unearth the seldom - if ever - talked about story of enslaved Malagasy people and their migration to the new world.

Aug. 2020

Dance as a Cultural Lens: An Introduction to Antandroy & Vezo People

Using dance as a lens, this cultural arts summer intensive introduces students to the Antandroy and Vezo cultures of Madagascar.  Through daily practicum and site-visits, students will learn the socio-historical relevancies of one dance from each of the cultural groupings.  This course  culminates in a community-wide performance of dances learned.

Open to CUNY students [3 credit course, no prerequisites]

*Due to the pandemic, Study Abroads Programs have been suspended until further notice.*


Jan. 2020


Year of Return Meetup

Find out why the story of the Malagasy Maafa has seldom been shared until recently and enjoy a slideshow of the itinerary for the Year of Return trip (Sept. 2020).  PLUS enter a raffle to win Malagasy goodies!

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