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January 2021

Mad Mémoires: Christiane

Join us as we speak with restaurateur, yogi
and wellness enthusiast Christiane living in Sweden.
DATE: Jan. 30th
TIME: noon EST

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February 2021

Mad Mémoires: Laura Velo

Join us as we chat with CEO of Soavelo and travel/beauty
vlogger in Italy.  We'll talk about how the Betsimisaraka peoples
use the Tsaboraha ceremony to petition their ancestors.
DATE:  Feb. 15th
TIME: noon EST

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March 2021

Mad Mémoires: Jd

[Jean-Yves Randriambelson]
Join us as we chat with professional scooter rider Jd in France.
DATE:  March 27th 
postponed for April 25th
TIME: noon EST

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May 2021

Mémoires: Iandry

[Iandry Randriamandroso]
Join us as we chat with USA based community artist & professor Iandry.
DATE:  Sunday May 30th 
TIME: noon EST

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JUNE 2021

Mémoires: Farrah & "Mamony"

Join us as we chat w/travel blogger Farrah & her daughter "Mamony," about their mission to travel to all 50 United States.
DATE:  Sunday, June 27th 
TIME: noon EST

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JULY 2021


Mémoires:  Tim & Riana

[Co-Founders of MUSA aka Malagasy in USA]

Join us as we chat w/two founding members of MUSA & get into how they created the organization, what it's like growing up Malagasy in America and visiting Madagascar as a Malagasy-American.
DATE:  Sunday, July 25th 
TIME: NOON in New York 

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Mémoires:  Antsa & Mendrika

[Singing & songwriting sister duo.]

Join us as we chat w/ANTSA & MENDRIKA.  Not only will we find out more about their creative process and Malagasy upbringing, we'll be blessed with a live mini concert!
DATE:  Sunday, Aug. 29th 
TIME: NOON in New York 

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Mémoires: Nirina

[Multidimensional Artist]

Join us as we chat w/multidimensional artist Nirina Ralantoaritsimba.  She comes to us w/a doctorate from La Sorbonne, a short-film entitled "Bumper" that won global nominations & an award, a newly released novel entitled, "We are the ancestors of those who are not yet born" &  founding the Fractal School!
DATE:  Sunday, Oct. 24th 
TIME: NOON in New York 

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Mémoires:  Mihoby

[Madagascar Experience founder, real estate developer & dancer.]

Join us as we chat w/Madagascar Experience founder, real estate developer and dancer Mihoby Rabeharison.  We'll peak into how & why she founded the company & the through-line that weaves these seemingly disparate interests together. 
DATE:  Sunday, Nov. 21st
TIME: NOON in New York 

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