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Redefining lux·u·ry


a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort; sumptuous environment

At the Madagascar Experience we believe that luxury is access to limited resources.

Things that we once took for granted - like whole foods, pure air and clean water - are fast becoming a luxury & commodity. 

Of all things luxurious, time is perhaps the most coveted of all.  It's certainly our best alibi, "if only I had more time...," "I remember the time...," "it's just a matter of time...," - and yes it is (a matter of time)!  But taking time - making time - to indulge in what we please, is a privilege.

At the Madagascar Experience we know that time is precious and we are honored that you would choose to spend it with us!  As such we make it the cornerstone of our business to offer you the best!  We lend our local expertise to tailor a holistic and culturally unique experience for the time you spend in Madagascar.

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