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Adventure with M.E.

Our founder Mihoby manifested Adventure with M.E. (Madagascar Experience) while drifting down the Tsiribihina River and chatting with guests. 

"Madagascar is so big. It spans the length of Seattle to San Diego.  Even if I spent the rest of my life just traveling Madagascar I still wouldn't see all there is to see.  There are so many nooks and crannies and I intend to explore as much of it as I can," she said.

One of our guests exclaimed, "Oh!  that sounds sexy!  I wanna explore with you."  And apparently a few folks wanted in too.

So here we are.


The gist of this is, every year Mihoby researches and curates an adventure that she hasn't experienced before either. 


She'll be encountering everything for the first time with you & will contribute personal funds to make it happen.  Think of it as an Uber adventure share.  So goes without saying that Discover with M.E. adventures are discounted.

And since Mihoby will be in discovery mode versus full throttle concierge mode, we're only accepting small numbers for these experiences.

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