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Handcrafted Itineraries:

Let us design your experience!

Let's co-create your time in Madagascar.  After you tell what you'd like to experience & how you'd like to experience it, we draw up your itinerary and plan your time.

WHAT 2hrs of private consultationTwo versions of a handcrafted itinerary: original + revisionPrecise lodging, dining and events/excursion information

WHO This best for seasoned travelers who want direction on how best to schedule and maximize their time in  Madagascar.

Madagascar Experience
Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar.jpg

How this option works

INFO GATHERING you’ll start off by filling out a brief questionnaire detailing your desires


CHAT we’ll have a short conversation assessing your trip


DELIVERY within a few days we’ll send you a detailed description of your trip with the total cost


APPROVAL if like what you see, you can move forward and purchase the itinerary


REVIEW upon receiving your itinerary you have a week to reach out to us for clarifications or amendments


UPDATE after reviewing, and if anything needs to be changed, we’ll revise and send a new itinerary


SOAVA DIA (or Bon Voyage) once all is good, we bid you the best journey of a lifetime

If you’d still like to make changes after your first revision, you can always purchase more time and get another revision!

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