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Group Experiences:

Let's collaborate to serve your clientele!

Let us lead you & your friends across Madagascar.  We'll begin by figuring out what you want to experience in Madagascar, how you want to experience it and then we'll co-create a custom-tailored itinerary.  From there, we'll eagerly await your landing so that we can take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

WHAT: 15 hrs of private consultation; Three versions of a handcrafted itinerary: the original + two revisions; Precise lodging, dining and events/excursion information; The comfort and assurance of private car and local expert; Coordination and booking of the itinerary; The option to travel virtually cash free; More time to focus on cultivating your group dynamics

WHO: This is ideal for people groups of 7 or more travelers and travel agencies. Whether you are a group of artists, professionals, chefs, college mates, prospecting businesses or an established travel agency we’d love to partner with you to curate an experience well-suited to your crowd.

Madagascar Experience Tsingy de Bemahara

Get started now and click the button below

Madagascar Experience

How this option works:

FIRST we will design an itinerary.  Please click the button to create a handcrafted itinerary

REVIEW upon receiving your itinerary you can reach out for clarifications or amendments


UPDATE after reviewing, if anything needs to be changed, we’ll revise and send a new itinerary within a day.


SOAVA DIA (or Bon Voyage) once all is good, we bid you the best journey of a lifetime


FINALIZE Once the itinerary is purchased, you’ll need to reserve your driver, local expert and accommodations by submitting your deposit. (The cost of purchasing the itinerary will automatically be credited to your deposit!)

From here, moving forward we are happy to schedule consulting time with you until you board the plane and meet with our team in Madagascar!

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