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Let us do the research for you!

Let us furnish you with a list of lodging, restaurants & experiences based on what it is you want.  So whether or not you desire a rustic back-packers experience or an eco-luxury flower petals on the bed experience while you take a "moraingy"  (Malagasy martial arts) class, then relax in a full body chocolate mask before heading out for the best seafood pizza - we've got you covered!

Madagascar Experience Kabosy Music

How this option works:

INFO GATHERING you’ll start off by filling out a brief questionnaire detailing your interests in Madagascar


CHAT then we’ll have a short conversation assessing your trip


DELIVERY a few days later we’ll furnish you with your curated list


REVIEW within two days of receiving your recommendations you can reach out to us for clarifications or amendments


SOAVA DIA (or Bon Voyage) once all is good, we bid you the best journey of a lifetime

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WHAT: 30m of private consultation; a curated list of lodging, dining & events/excursions.

WHO: This is perfect for well-seasoned travelers whose plans aren’t fixed but don’t fancy digging for hours on google to create a curated list of Madagascar-to-do’s.

Madagascar Experience Toliara
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